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The General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety, which is affiliated with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labour and Social Security, has developed a system called ISG KATIP for online monitoring of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) services required by law. Government is easily able to follow OSH services for all companies registered in Turkey over the iSG Katip. With the ISG KATIP System, penalties can be made automatically for employers who do not receive OHS services, workplaces are taken under control in case of objection and decisions are made by examining the objections.

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Employers for OHS services required by law; can fulfill their legal obligations by assigning an Occupational Physician and Occupational Safety Specialist through the authorized JOINT HEALTH AND SAFETY UNIT (OHS)

What Is The iSG-KATiP?

The workplaces where they have signed a contract with The Joint Health and Safety Units must assign the occupational physician and occupational safety specialist to the iSG-Katip system, and employers must also approve these assignments through the iSG Katip.

It is stated in the law that the OHS service started legally after iSG Katip confirmation. For the approval process on both sides of the ISG KATIP, which is required by Law; The workplace that will receive the service must notify the SGK workplace registration number to OHS and OHS should assign it through the ISG KATIP

Then, the employer, who receives service, logs in the ISG KATIP with his/her E-Government password, and must approve that OHS services by this system. It is a legal obligation

What is an E-Government Password?

E-Government Gateway is a website that provides access to public services from a single point. With a single authentication (password, e-signature, mobile signature, etc.), it can be used for many integrated electronic services from the same address:

The E-Government Password can be obtained from PTT Headquarters or authorized branches in Turkey by submitting the photo ID (identity card) with the Republic Of The Turkey ID number on it by personal application. And also if you have a mobile signature or electronic signature together, you can create the password after logging in with one of these e-Government Gateways.

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