Turkish Health & Safety Law to Cover All Employers in 2013

Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 started to be implemented as article 39, by 01.01.2013, covering all employers and employees.

With the Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Law; It is compulsory to employ workplace physicians and occupational safety specialists through the online Government OHS monitoring system for all workplaces with dangerous and very dangerous classes and for workplaces with 50 or more employees in less dangerous classes enterprises.

With workplaces with fewer than 50 employees operating in the less dangerous class, the appointment of occupational safety specialists and workplace physicians has been postponed, but they are responsible for all the rest of the OHS legislation.

All employers have been responsible for the occupational health and safety legislation, some of which have been set out below, since January 1, 2013

  1. Certified OHS Training for All Employees
  2. Preparation of OHS Risk Assessment Report
  3. Emergency Plans, Fire, Evacuation Training And Drills ( at least once a year)
  4. Providing first-aid certificates as many as the number of people specified in the Legal Regulations
  5. Personel protective equipment and equipment (PPE) evaluations, procurement, training and delivery report
  6. OHS instructions and procedures
  7. Determination of occupational safety signs that should be used in the workplace
  8. Recruitment Periodic Medical Examination Forms And Compulsory Medical Tests
  9. Environmental measurements, engineering controls and other workplace-specific OHS requirements, etc.

It is one of the duties and responsibilities of OHS Professionals to take measures in the workplaces, training, documents, controls, which have been on the agenda recently, in the scope of the fight against the COVID-19 Epidemic.

Apart from the routine inspections of labor inspectors; in disasters such as occupational accidents, occupational disease, employee complaints, insurance procedures, fire, earthquakes, the OHS law obligations from the employer are questioned. Legal sanctions are imposed on employers:  Occupational Health & Safety Law legal punishments

How Can You Learn Your Hazardous Class?

  1. Less Hazardous Class: Office activities, retailing, restaurants, hotels, schools etc.
  2. Hazardous Class: Shoes, furniture, detergent, and meat factories, dentistry etc.
  3. Very Hazardous Class: Building industry, Heavy Industry, hospitals, oil stations etc.

NACE Code and Workplace Hazard Classes

As Efor Health & Safety Team; We believe that occupational health and safety should be seen as an investment that ensures the health and safety of employees and increases quality and efficiency rather than a legal obligation to comply with. As proved scientifically, occupational accidents can be prevented by 98% and occupational diseases by 100% by taking necessary precautions. In order for Occupational Health and Safety to be allocated in society, everyone must show the necessary dedication in this regard. First of all our government, our Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labour and Social Services, occupational safety specialists, occupational physicians, OHS companies, employers and of course all employees…

Let’s say that Turkey is a mandatory occupational health and safety law not exist. Then we would see that only a few companies provided the necessary dedication to Occupational Health and Safety measures.

Why Efor Joint Health & Safety Unit?

Working for the purpose of making a difference in the sector with professional responsibility and quality awareness, Istanbul Efor Joint Health and Safety Unit has consultancy services experience, infrastructure and references since 1999. Our company was authorized in 2013 by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labour and Social Security  with document number 927

Our Efor Joint Health and Safety Unit has served more than 500 companies from each sector with a staff of 25 people who are experienced and expert in Occupational Health and Safety.

All employees are worthy of working in a healthy and safe environment. With Efor OHS, your employees and workplace are always SAFE!