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Your Nace Code & Hazard Classes

The legal compulsory service scope is determined according to your workplace hazard class determined by your nace code. All workplaces in Turkey are divided into 3 main classes according to their nace codes and hazard classes.

Less dangerous class: Office activities, retailing, Restaurants, hotels, schools, etc.
Dangerous class: Shoes, furniture, detergents, meat production, dentistry, etc
Very dangerous class: Construction sector, Heavy Industry, hospitals, oil stations, etc.

It is a legal obligation for workplaces operating in dangerous and very dangerous classes in Turkey to continuously receive occupational health and safety (OHS) services regardless of the number of employees. Enterprises operating in the less dangerous class are obliged to receive continuous service if they have more than 50 employees. Companies operating in the less dangerous class and with less than 50 employees are obliged to provide their workplaces with OHS risk assessment reports, emergency action plans and certified basic occupational health and safety training.

How to Learn the Nace Code of a Workplace?

The first two digits of a code consisting of six digits indicate the general activity classification, while the last four numbers indicate the sub-activity classification. In addition, the numbers from the 3rd to the 8th digits of the SGK registration number also form the NACE code. If this code is the main field of activity of the enterprise, the hazard class corresponding to this code is the legal hazard class of the workplace.

If the Nace code does not correspond to the main activity code of the workplace, the necessary legal action must be taken and corrected.

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