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Efor OSGB provides a full range of occupational health and safety consultancy and training services in Turkey regarding all the requirements of the OHS law in Turkey. Efor OSGB accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Labor & Security as aJoint Health and Safety Unit

Workplace Health & Safety Consultancy Services by Senior WHS Consultants

Effective Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Management is essential to the long-term success of any business. Employers have a moral obligation as well as a legal duty to provide a safe place of work. Efor OSGB, work with employers to guide them toward statutory compliance and industry best practices.

Common health and safety unit (OSGB): the unit is authorized by Ministry and has the required equipment and personnel. It is established in order to provide occupational health and safety services to workplaces by companies who are operating according to the certificates of public institutions and organizations together with the Turkish OHS Code dated 2012 and numbered 6331.

Efor OSGB, encourages clients to move beyond basic compliance and corrective programs so that they can maximize the return on their investments in safety – to safeguard lives, protect assets and strengthen their reputation.

An important part of the work in OHS/WHS is to visit workplaces and evaluate the employee’s risk of injuries or diseases and to provide the requirements for establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment that will facilitate optimal physical and mental health in relation to work.

Workplaces are categorized into three with the aim of receiving more effective health and safety services. This classification is carried out by taking into account the nature of work performed, substances used or produced at every stage of work, work equipment, production methods types as well as other issues related to the working environment and working conditions. The hazard class for enterprises shall be assigned based on the main activities conducted.

Health and safety in the workplace become priorities for business owners. Employers have a growing responsibility to protect their employees from threats to their wellbeing, including workplace accidents, injury and illnesses. We help you to protect workers, generate customer confidence, enhance your reputation, manage risk and increase business efficiency.

Our Health and Safety Services in Turkey

  • Occupational Safety Services
  • Occupational Health Services
  • OHS Risk Assessments
  • Mobile Health Services
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Working at Height Training
  • Certified First-Aid Training
  • Fire- Fighting Training
  • ISO 45001 OHS Management Systems
  • Work Environment Measurement
  • Periodic Testing and Inspection
  • Labour Law Consulting
  • Occupational Physician, Safety Specialist, Health Nurse Staffing: To find, replace and audit occupational physicians, health nurses and safety specialists who are experienced to provide high-quality service for the entire companies that preferring in outsourcing in Turkey.

EFOR Workplace Health & Safety Consulting & Training Co. Ltd. is committed to keeping people safe and healthy at work. Efor OSGB is your reliable OHS/WHS partner in Turkey.

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