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What Is Work Environment Measurement

Work Environment Measurement (WEM) is a process of measuring the magnitude, frequency, and duration of exposure to physical and chemical hazards.

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Gone are the days where scratches, bruises, and occupational illness are taken for granted. As countries around the world enact legislation requiring stricter regulations on occupational health and safety, companies that can prove compliance is at a competitive advantage. In fact, a failure to comply not only means legal penalties but also risks putting employees and assets in danger.

In a workplace exposed to ionizing radiation, harmful rays of light, noise, and vibration, high/low temperatures, high humidity, etc. in addition to harmful chemical substances such as organic solvent, lead and its compounds, specified chemical substances, etc., and harmful substances such as dust as a cause of pneumoconiosis, etc., the measurement must be made according to the working environment measurement standard. Furthermore, the measurement by a working environment measurement expert is obliged in six designated workplaces. It is specified that depending on the workplace, the measurement result must be evaluated, and proper measures for improvement must be taken. The working environment measurement will be evaluated by three classifications (management classifications No. 1, No. 2, or No. 3) depending on the working environment status.

Places Requiring Working Environment Measurement, Types of Measurement

Management Classifications

The management classifications are the evaluations of the environment of each workplace based on the measurement result, and there are three classifications as follows.

Management Classification No. 1

It is judged that the working environment management is appropriate.
→ Make efforts to maintain the current status.

Management Classification No. 2

It is judged that there is more room for improvement in the working environment management compared to the Management classification No. 1.
→ Check the equipment, works, etc., and make efforts to take measures for improving the working environment.

Management Classification No. 3

It is judged that the working environment management is not appropriate.
→ It is necessary to make improvements immediately.
Check the equipment, works, etc., and make efforts to take measures for improving the working environment.
As an emergency measure and a last resort, use an effective respirator.
Take measures necessary for maintaining the good health of workers by implementing a medical checkup, etc.


Dust, Organic Solvent, Specified Chemical Substances, Metals

Noise, Summer Heat, Atmospheric Environment

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