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Mobile Health Services-In terms of occupational health and safety, it is very important to effectively plan and implement both technical protection practices and personal protection policies. it is mandatory for the organization to record the health screening of employees from the date of starting work commencement and to repeat them periodically. In cases where all employees cannot be sent to the hospital, health screening is provided a workplace with the Mobile Health Tool. Health screening services are provided under the control of our specialist physicians without any loss of a job in your workplace. Mobile OHS Services provide time and money for employers. We are a good and compatible team with sampling, technicians and field staff, expert doctors and reporting staff. In addition to our advanced technology medical equipment, we have technological infrastructure that produces error-free, fast and accurate results with our reporting system.
With the widespread use of mobile tools, Mobile Health Application software has brought many opportunities to improve health and well-being. Mobile health applications, which are used to increase the awareness of the individual and to strengthen the individual against the risk factors that may occur, are used in many areas ranging from health literacy to behavior change. In this study, the role of mobile health practices in improving health, strengthening individuals and increasing health literacy are assisted through mobile health practices in Turkey and in the world.

Within the scope of the mobile OHS services we provide in the mobile vehicle, the following operations are performed:

Lung X-ray
Audiometry test (Hearing Test)
Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
Portrait Examination
Blood count
Full Urine Assay (TIT)
Liver Function Tests
Kidney Function Tests
Hepatitis A / B Tests
Serological Inspections
Electrocardiography (ECG)
Lead in Urine / Blood
Vaccines (Tetanus, Flu, Jaundice)
Check-Up Services
Eye Examination
Toxicology in Urine / Toluene in Blood, Phenol, Vanil Mandalic Acid, Hippuric Acid …

These tests are evaluated by the workplace doctor and filed and presented as a personal file.
These kinds of tests, which are required by the workers, cannot be carried out by the workers due to their high costs in other health institutions. In addition, employers are forced to time and money. In hospitals, private health institutions cause disruptions due to high wages and high wages, which creates problems in the creation and follow-up of health data of workers. For this reason, you can handle your transactions quickly without any problems.

Efor Occupational Health & Safety Co. Ltd. committed to keeping people safe and healthy at work. Efor OSGB is your reliable OHS partner in Turkey.