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On the new regulation, the number of the first aid educated support staff is changing with the hazard class; for the less hazardous class for each 20 workers 1 first aid educated support staff, for the hazardous class for each 15 workers 1 first aid educated support staff and for the very hazardous class each 10 workers 1 first aid educated support staff. So that, in every class of the workplaces need a support staff who educated about the first aid. But it that mean that the other workers not educated about the first aid.

First Aid Training Certificate: In many cases such as heart attack, traffic accident, and injuries, it may take hours for the emergency ambulance to arrive at the scene. This time can sometimes be too much for those who need emergency help. With the first aid practices towards the people who come to the health care workers, the lives of people can be saved. In order to establish the first aid awareness in our country, it is ensured that the first aid training is provided by the state to all institutions and organizations.

Basic First Aid Training, pursuant to Article 16 of the First Aid Regulation;

The first exam is organized by the Ministry of Health; The validity period of the first aid certificate is 3 years.

The most critical intervention is the intervention before the actual staff arrives in an accident. A right move at this moment will save a life, but a wrong action may cost the life of the injured person. If the intervention is done consciously, it increases the probability of life of the person or at least the situation is prevented from worsening. These movements in an emergency situation with the existing tools are called first aid. As can be understood from the definition, the first aid made by training saves lives.

How are first aid applications done?

 Basically, we can examine first aid applications in 3 stages; Protection, reporting, and recovery. The priority, of course, is to prevent the risks that are the basis of occupational safety and take necessary measures. It should be ensured that the accident results are not aggravated or any other bad situation caused by the accident will be prevented. As soon as the accident occurs, the institutions which can contribute to the professional intervention should be informed as soon as possible. 112 in Turkey are given through these essential services. Then the intervention to be done to the injured person first aid information should be applied in a cold-blooded manner.

Contents of First Aid Training

 The courses offered in the courses taken to obtain the first aid certificate as mandatory start with the general first aid information. It is taught how to evaluate the patient or the injured and the scene. As priority is to ensure the continuity of life, basic life support is given. Hemorrhages, injuries, burns, freezing, heat stroke, fractures, consciousness disorders, poisoning, animal bites, drowning, percentage of the body, the escape of any organ, transport of the patient or the wounded are subjects given in the training. The person receiving the first aid training starts the practice training after digesting the theoretical part. All the conditions described in theory are repeated on CPR mannequins. To master the theoretical knowledge is not enough. In cases where physical intervention is required, the intervention to be made to the patient or the injured person must be done in a correct and correct place.


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