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Working at Height Training

The equilibrium point of a human being is the lumbar vertebra. In the literature, the areas that mostly exceed the waist are considered to be high. Places that are longer than the height of an average person are high places, working in such places is also to work high. The risk of falling from a height is the risk of injury by falling due to someone’s level difference

A significant number of occupational accidents in the construction industry, especially in Turkey occur. Most of these accidents (530) fall from the height occurs. However, not only the employees working in the construction but all employees working with the ladder is required to receive this training.

The aim of Safe Training at Height is to ensure the correct use, maintenance and control of work equipment in all kinds of working areas, as well as to raise awareness of the existing hazards and risks. It is a legal obligation for the employees who will carry out assembly, disassembly, maintenance-cleaning, and cleaning works at a high level. He/she informs the participants about the safe working methods at the minimum height required to complete their work safely.

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